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Even when an indie band is as relentlessly busy, creatively bustling and hard driving as The Warhawks, sometimes good timing is everything.In the lost pandemic year of 2020, when most bands were in total lockdown despair and disarray, the blue collared punk-fired alt rock foursome from Gloucester City, NJ (just across the Delaware from Philly) were one of the few bands to tour. . Theband –brothers John (guitar/vocals)and Pat (drums/vocals) Bilodeau, cousin Matt Orlando (guitar/vocals) and close family friend Tom Lipski (bass/vocals) -had the good fortune to release Stardust Disco–the critically praised follow-up EP to their 2019 breakthrough album Never Felt So Good–on February 1, after which they spent February and the first part of March in heavy travelmode, with shows throughout the Northeast and as far west as Cleveland and Cincinnati.Typical of their trademark work ethic, The Warhawks spent the early days of Covid in heavy writing mode and continued to engagetheir loyal, growing fan base by releasing Live From Lockdown, a live in the studio collection(released later in the year)featuringfresh, raw, high energy versions of top tunes from Never Felt So Goodand Stardust Disco, recorded at the same studio –Gradwell House Recording in Haddon Heights, NJ –where they tracked the originals. In trueWarhawks fashion, they painted the studio in exchange for time for those earlier sessions.

Fueled by their natural camaraderie and musical chemistry, their painting and songwriting skills paid off big time, as Never Felt So Good–featuring nine fiery anthems exploring themes of love, hope and desperation -earned themseveral exciting accolades, including steady rotation of their barnburner “Miracle” on top Philly indie Triple A station 88.5 WXPN and live appearances on alt rock outlet 104.5 WRFF. While The Warhawks primary fan base is in and around the Philly metro areaand throughout the Northeast, they’ve also scored prominent opening slots for numerousalt/indie rock and punkbands, including White Reaper, Sticky Fingers, July Talk, The Menzingers, Off with Their Heads and Curls.The Warhawks have come a long way from their early days playing Kyhber Pass Pub in Philly and having a local driver import rowdy crowds of fans across the river on a literally rockin’ school bus to support them.They’ve toured heavily the past four years, bringing their blistering onstage magiceverywhere from Rochester and

Atlanta to spots in Texas–and most recently, afterreleasing their infectious latest single “Fade Away,” dates in Bowling Green and Louisville, KY and Nashville.In 2022, they took a deeper plunge, mustering all their social media and musical friend-making talents to play 10 dates over in England –including a sold-out show in Southampton and gigs in Sheffield and Manchester. The uniqueness they bring to the stage includes the fact that each member contributes lead vocals, usually related to the member who brought the basics of a song to a session before the band developed it into a Warhawks collaboration.They will be doing their next recordings for indie label Blue Collar Records under a recently inked deal.


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