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Maiden Seoul is comprised of three talented musicians and composers, Soo Jin Yi (vocals, keyboards), Ian Macaulay (guitars, keyboards, bass), and Rashid Williams (drums and candles). Ian and Soo Jin originally met in 2001 while attending college together, and proceeded to play in multiple rock and pop bands together throughout New York City over the next few years. Ian met Rashid first while playing with R&B/Soul artist Eric Roberson and later toured together with John Legend.

The three musicians, all hailing from very different musical backgrounds, first came together to experiment with some ideas back in 2012. They quickly amassed an entire album of unique, cinematic music, which encompassed all of their varied influences. Over the next few years, life and other touring commitments often got in the way, causing the music they created to lay dormant. Ten years later, with the assistance of Blue Collar Records, Soo Jin, Ian, and Rashid were finally able to come together once more to finish what they started. By recording new music, creating new arrangements of some older songs, and putting a fresh spin on their original album, they’ve created a truly unique musical vision.

Maiden Seoul finally released their debut single, “Verve”, on January 6, 2023, with their full length debut album, “Cinemanic”, to follow in the spring.


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