We’re a dedicated team of creatives that treat every project as if they were our own, with care and attention. Our human first approach puts you, the artist, in the driver’s seat. From the moment you lay down your first track to the final product, we’ll stay true to your vision every step of the way.

Major labels have an antiquated way of working the industry, treating artists like formulas and putting every song into neat, little genre boxes. At Blue Collar Records, we’re looking forward – with a new type of industry in mind. We want to work with artists who embrace change, are excited to innovate, want to experiment with blending or bending a genre, or just simply love their craft.

Together, we hope to build a community that represents music today. We believe in our artists and their diverse voices and sounds. As you make partnerships with the Blue Collar Records team, we aim to foster a creative community with lasting connections that go beyond the studio.


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